Predictive Targeting

Use predictive targeting to identify high-value patients and target them with ads through Google, Facebook, and Instagram so you can boost your revenue with a better patient mix.

We have access to the same data banks hospital systems have used for years to identify high-value patients.

Our predictive targeting and machine learning tools filter that information to find patients at risk for the procedures you want to treat and with the financial profile that best fits your needs.

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practice growth

Optimize Growth

Measuring the effectiveness of your healthcare marketing tactics like reputation management and ad spend allows you to direct your marketing dollars to the most effective campaigns.

patient targeting

Predictive Analytics

Acquiring high-value patients will improve your ROI with a well-optimized marketing funnel. Predictive analytics can be used to target the right patients at the right time and get them in your funnel.

patient acquisition cost

Track Marketing Campaigns

Our HIPAA-compliant platform can track phone calls that come in from various marketing channels and tie the data to conversion so you can see how each patient discovered the practice and know your patient acquisition cost.


Marketing Report

Our marketing report gives you all the data you need to track costs, make informed decisions, and fine-tune your growth strategy.

“I chose SocialClimb for their predictive targeting capabilities. That’s something no other organization could offer us.”
Austin Wright
GI Alliance
“As a marketer, you rarely find vendors or solutions that really deliver more than what they promise, but SocialClimb has done just that.”
Blair Primis
“Increased positive reviews and occasional private critiques of our service have enabled us to improve our search ranking and our practice.”
Melissa Pipkin
Southwestern Eye Center
SocialClimb is trusted by over 5,000 doctors.
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